An absolute masterpiece, with its unique mix of fantasy elements, musical, horsemanship, sound and lighting effects and an integral part of
EQUITANA 2019 – Equestrian World Trade Fair


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"The HOP TOP Show is considered to be the most exceptional and most impressive equestrian show on earth." - WDR 

Current show dates:

Saturday, 09th March 2019   |   Sunday, 10th March 2019   |   Wednesday, 13th March 2019   |   Friday, 15th March 2019   |   Saturday, 16th March 2019

each 8 pm - ca. 10 pm

Come and See the Best Equestrian Show in the World, Which Has Now Been in Existence for over 30 Years!


HOP TOP Show – A totally  unique show!

A totally 
unique show!

This unique equestrian event can only be experienced on a few evenings once every two years as part of EQUITANA. EQUITANA 2019 – the world’s leading equestrian exhibition.

Spend two hours in a world of imagination and fantasy

Spend two hours
in a world of fantasy

Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of innovative performances to the accompaniment of amazing sound and lighting effects.

International world-class artists

International world-class artists

The HOP TOP Show features leading lights from the equestrian show scene and top-class sports, performing their very latest thrilling landmark routines.

Impressive lighting effects

Impressive lighting effects

The 60m wide LED display and gantry spotlights under the roof transform the exhibition hall into an imposing amphitheatre.


The HOP TOP Show

There is no other equestrian gala on earth quite like the HOP TOP Show. In view of the huge demand for tickets in previous years, we recommend reserving your tickets early. Tickets can be booked online and printed out directly in the comfort of your own home..


show arena HOP TOP SHOW

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The Top Stars and Acts Appearing at the HOP TOP Show

The Greek philosopher Plato once wrote that, “Time is the moving image of eternity”. “LaOra”, the new HOP TOP SHOW for EQUITANA 2019, will, however, stop time for two hours as leading stars of and newcomers to the equestrian show scene take to the arena with new spectacular, breathtaking performances.
"LaOra" will be presenting inspiring liberty dressage, quadrilles, dazzling acrobatics on horseback, colourful performances with ponies, and classical elements from the worlds of dressage, show-jumping and carriage-driving. The spotlight, however, will always be on the deep bond that exists between horse and human and on the subtle communication between the two that solely relies on virtually imperceptible signals.

Here are the stars for "LaOra" 2019. We will complement the list continously.


Guillaume Mauvais

Guillaume Mauvais 

Guillaume Mauvais’ performances with his mighty, earth-shaking Comtois heavy horses impress thanks to their amazing partnership, the horses’ will to work, their harmony and yet also their easy playfulness. 

Moments in Black

Moments in Black & Dance Industry 

What connects the 30 or so members of Austria’s Friesian Show Team is their love of their “black pearls”.

Alma Vaquera

Alma Vaquera

Sisters Isaora and Jezabel Marques from Arles in the South of France will be whisking us away to the world of Andalusia. 


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Media Statements about the HOP TOP Show

What the Media Has to Say About the HOP TOP Show

“EQUITANA also always means the HOP TOP SHOW. Even Olympic champions find it irresistible!"



The HOP TOP Show 2017

Passepartout - childhood, your first love, the trip of a lifetime – behind all these events are stories, encounters and experiences that stay with you for the rest of your life. "Passepartout", the new HOP TOP Show by EQUITANA, retells these stories as the ‘passe-partout’ of life.


Concept and Organisation:



For no less than 27 years now, team EQUITANA has been putting together shows that are the most amazing multi-faceted works of art, with their mix of spectacular performances by a whole plethora of top international stars from the equestrian scene. The HOP TOP SHOW is an impressive world-class show that is only performed on four evenings once every two years as part of EQUITANA. EQUITANA 2019 - the world’s leading equestrian exhibition.


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Visitors’ service hotline: +49 211 90191-201
Monday – Friday from 8am to 6:30pm

Current show dates:


Saturday, 09th March 2019   |   Sunday, 10th March 2019   |   Wednesday, 13th March 2019   |   Friday, 15th March 2019   |   Saturday, 16th March 2019

each 8 pm - ca. 10 pm

How to get to the HOP TOP Show

Find the easiest way to get to the HOP TOP SHOW on equitana.com.

Which entrances of the exhibition area can I use?

If you have a ticket for one of our evening shows, you can enter the showground at the entrances west, south and east from 6 pm to 7 pm. From 7 pm, the exhibition is closed, and the access to the exhibition area is only possible at the entrance "Mitte" (middle).

Find here a ground plan from Essen Exhibition Center (Messe Essen)